Meet Reflectjen

Hello and welcome to my virtual atelier. My name is Jennifer Llewellyn.  I am a New York based designer and a certified yoga instructor.  I realized a long time ago that there are way too many Jennifers in the world, but I am one of them nonetheless.  That said, I made a decision: I will never be Madonna, Cher or Sting but I will be known as Reflectjen. I travel the great path of art and yoga. I like to do cool things and I LOVE to make cool things.  


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who?     What?       Where?      When?      Why?      How?       Unknown Facts?      Contact me!


Really, who is this chick?

I am an artist, designer and yogi. I create spiritual images through printmaking, graphic design and mixed mediums for use in products, licensing and exhibitions.   On paper I combine a traditional sense of graphic art with a more abstract vision, resulting in the suggestion of intense movement in some compositions, and in others, one of absolute stasis.


What have I done?  What do I do?
I have lived several lifetimes. I have been and continue to be a graphic designer, a fine artist,  a super Mom, a toy designer, a teacher, a poet and a muse.  I practice yoga and make art everyday.

I run an artisan studio in the hamlet of Katonah, New York but tend to think larger than Main Street.  I’ve lived in Manhattan, in the mountains, and by the sea…

There is no when… “Now is the right time”  ~ Lotus Sutra


“There is only one position for an artist anywhere; and that is upright.” ~Dylan Thomas


 Now this is a really good question…

Unknown facts & Conversation starters:
I sort of play a few instruments but mostly sing in the background at live shows. I have a brown belt in Judo. I do not watch football.  I like to watch snow fall while listening to Peanuts® music. I have an awesome daughter – whose reputation will surpass mine – and to complete our family is a Netherland dwarf bunny, Popeye. (Instagram @popeyethesailorbunny)

How do I find out more?

If you really want to find out more after you take a look around please contact me.  I allow access to seriously cool professional information but you need … shhhhh… a secret password to see it. .  Please note I love Sancerre and Medoc and a bottle of wine will get you the password.